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Glycymeris mayi (Cotton, 1947)

Description: Shell moderately heavy, equivalve, slightly inequilateral. Shape subovate, wider than high, slightly extended posteriorly. Anterior and posterior ends smoothly rounded. Umbones low, centrally placed. Hinge line curved, 5-10 teeth each side, area between smooth or with a few weak teeth. Ligament in a wide, triangular pit above hinge. Interior with muscle scars well defined with a ridge from inner edge of scar towards umbo, stronger on posterior side; margin strongly denticulate. Exterior with numerous radial ribs, sometimes with secondaries between, crossed by concentric ribs forming beads at intersections. Periostracum absent. Shell colour white.

Size: Up to 30 mm in width.

Distribution: Sydney, NSW, southwards and around southern Australia to southwestern WA, including Tas.

Habitat: Subtidal, known from 84-400 m depth.

Fig. 1: Dredged off Port Arthur, Tasmania (Tasmanian Museum specimen, collected R. de Little) Photo courtesy Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, http://mollucsoftasmania.org.au.


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