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Fusinus annae Snyder, 1986

Description: Shell elongate, whorls rounded, aperture half total shell length. Whorls with distinct strong axial folds, 12-15 per whorl. Spiral sculpture of widely spaced, raised ribs, 3-5 on spire whorls and about 13 on the body whorl and anterior canal, forming spirally elongate nodules where they cross the axial ribs; secondary sculpture of 6 or 7 uniformly sized threads between the spiral ribs. Outer lip slightly flared, weakly crenulated by external sculpture. Columella smooth; posterior canal well defined, bordered by weak nodules on parietal wall and outer lip. Colour fawn internally and externally, nodules white; thin brown periostracum sometimes present.

Size: Up to 79 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; known from Crowdy Head, NSW to Gabo Is, Vic.

Habitat: Taken at depths of 274-550 metres; moderately common.

Comparison: Juvenile specimens of Fusinus novaehollandiae are distinguished from this species by having no more than 2 or 3 fine spiral lirae between the major spiral ribs.

Fig. 1: Off Sydney, in 230-280 fathoms (DLB1672)


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