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Fractolatirus normalis Iredale, 1936

Description: Shell of 7 adult whorls, with aperture length less than spire length. Whorls sculptured with broad, rounded axial folds, 8-9 per whorl. Spiral sculpture of fine ribs, about 15 on the penultimate whorl, with interspaces two or three times the rib width, sometimes alternating large and small. Outer lip moderately to weakly lirate internally; columella bears two weak plaits centrally. Anterior canal long; posterior canal well defined, bordered by nodules on parietal wall and outer lip. Colour uniformly brown externally, columella and outer lip light brown, deep interior lighter. Covered with a thin dark brown periostracum when alive.

Size: Up to 25 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Sydney to Batemans Bay, NSW.

Habitat: The only live taken specimens are from 25 feet at Bare Is., Botany Bay; all other specimens are beach shells. Rare.

Fig. 1: Crookhaven Heads, NSW (C.369362)


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