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Cystiscus subauriculata (May, 1916)

Diagnosis: Shell small, colourless transparent to opaque white; spire low; outer lip thickened internally, smooth; external varix absent; siphonal notch absent; posterior notch absent; lacking collabral parietal callus ridge; columella multiplicate, with 5 - 7 plaits/lirae, the first very strong.

Size: About 1.5 2 mm in length.

Distribution: Australian Museum collection: Port Stevens, NSW, to south-western WA, including Tasmania ; beach specimens, and down to 132 metres.  Literature: NSW, Victoria , Tasmania , SA, WA. Moderately common.

Comparison: Similar in size and shape to C. angasi, but more broad and squat, and with the first plait exceptionally strong. (See Identification of beach specimens)

Fig. 1: Off Thouin Bay, Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania, in 73 m. PARATYPE (C.039515)


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