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Cystiscus cf. multidentatus (May, 1920)

Diagnosis: Shell minute, colourless transparent to opaque white; spire immersed; outer lip thickened internally, smooth; external varix absent; siphonal notch absent; posterior notch absent; lacking collabral parietal callus ridge; columella multiplicate, with 7-9 widely spaced plaits/lirae.

Size: About 2 - 3 mm in length.

Distribution: Australian Museum collection: three lots – off Twofold Bay, 110 m; east of Twofold Bay, 294-304 m; off Jervis Bay, 400-1000 m

Remarks: The specimen illustrated (Fig. 1) is that shown by Laseron (1948, fig. 44) as M. multidentatus May.  Although Laseron states it to “agree well with this species”, it is twice the size of the holotype of C. multidentata, and more elongate.  Two additional specimens have been identified in the Australian Museum collection which appear to be the same species, both from deep water.

Fig. 1: Off Twofold Bay, NSW, in 110 m (C.336608)


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