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Chiton translucens Hedley & Hull, 1909

Description: Animal elongate ovate, angled dorsally, girdle fairly broad, surface usually polished, not eroded. Median valves with lateral and pleural area distinct, lateral areas raised. Both areas appear smooth without magnification; with magnification whole surface granulated in quincunx. Girdle covered with medium sized, ovate, microscopically ridged scales, up to 0.3 mm wide. Shell colour fawn, clouded with olive and mid-green, microscopically marked with brown dashes. Girdle with irregular black and white bands.

Size: Up to 55 mm in length.

Distribution: Capricorn Group, Qld, southwards to Crookhaven Bight, (near Jervis Bay) NSW.

Habitat: Low intertidal and subtidal, under stones, preferring smooth surfaces, down to at least 15 m. Uncommon.

Comparison: The smooth valve surfaces and the girdle covered with scales would suggest that this species should be placed in Ischnochitonidae, but the dentition of the insertion plates places it in the Chitonidae. 

Fig. 1: Caloundra, Qld (C.175641).

Fig. 2: Girdle detail (Same specimen as Fig. 1).


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