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Chiton jugosus Gould, 1846

Description: Animal elongate ovate, angled dorsally, girdle fairly broad, surface not eroded. Median valves with lateral and pleural area distinct; lateral areas raised, smooth; pleural areas with 8-14 strong horizontal ribs. Girdle covered with large scales of varying size, up to 0.6 mm wide, smaller at edges. Colour remarkably bright; pleural area ribs reddish brown, intervening spaces blue; lateral areas lined, most often with dark green, less frequently with pink, red, orange, blue or black. Occasional valves reddish brown, black or white.

Size: Up to 48 mm in length, usually less than 35 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Newcastle, NSW, southwards to southern Tas.

Habitat: Under stones, near or below low tide. Moderately common.

Comparison: The bright and distinctive colouring of the valves is adequate to recognise this species.

Fig. 1: Newport, NSW (DLB4989).

Fig. 2: Bastion Point, Mallacoota, Vic. (C.394436). Valve and scale detail. (Some scales lost from girdle).


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