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Clypeomorus petrosa (Wood, 1828)

Description: Shell solid and heavy, convex in outline. Spire whorls with 3-4 spiral rows of elongate black nodules aligned on axial folds, with about 20 fine spiral riblets crossing the axials. Body whorl with 3-4 spiral rows of nodules above periphery, and strong spiral ribs on base, alternating black and white, each separated by 3-4 spiral threads. Columella smooth; anterior canal short but deep; posterior canal deep, edged by ridge on parietal wall. Outer lip flared with varix externally. Previous varix on dorsal surface of body whorl. Colour fawn or white with black marking, aperture white. Operculum corneous.

Size: Up to 28 mm in length.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific. In Australia, Shark Bay, WA, around northern Australia to Woolgoolga, NSW 9See Remarks below).

Habitat: In sand and rubble-filled crevices among rocks in the lower intertidal zone, probably eating microalgae and detritus covering the rocks (Houbrick, 1985). Common in the tropics, uncommon in NSW.

Remarks: This species has been reported by previous authors only from eastern Australia, but the Australian Museum collection holds single specimens from Shark Bay, WA; Broome, WA, and Anhem Land, NT.

Fig. 1: Minnie Waters, NSW (C.084613)

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