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Pepta stricta (Hedley, 1907)

Description: Protoconch consisting of two convex whorls, with 15 oblique axial ribs per whorl, and eight fine spiral striae between ribs. Teleoconch of four convex whorls, with spiral and axial sculpture. Axial sculpture of 14 moderate to strong folds on body whorl and penultimate whorl. Spiral ribs strong, 13 on body whorl, crossing the axials. Aperture semi-circular. Umbilicus a very fine fissure. Columella without plaits. Colour off-white.

Size: Holotype 4.5 mm in length.

Distribution: Known from only four lots; off Narrabeen, NSW; Gillett Cay, Swain Reefs; off Wollongong, NSW; Great Australian Bight.

Habitat: Recorded from 75-183 metres. Rare.

Figs. 1,2  16 miles east of Wollongong, NSW, in 183 m (C.025812)


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