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Pepta simplex (Laseron, 1955)

Description: Protoconch consisting of two convex whorls, fine microscopic axial threads faintly visible. Teleoconch of three convex whorls, with spiral and axial sculpture. Axial sculpture of very weak broad axial ribs, 10 per whorl. Spiral sculpture of strong ribs, 15 on body whorl. Aperture widely rounded; outer lip with sinus at top.. Umbilicus absent. Columella without plaits. Colour off-white.

Size: Holotype 3.9 mm in length.

Distribution: Known only from holotype: off Point Halliday, NSW, in 14-18 metres.

Habitat: Subtidal; 14-18 metres.

Comparison: When describing this species, Laseron stated that it differed from Pepta stricta "by the weaker axial and stronger more rounded spiral cords, by the absence of a fold on the columella, and of course by the sinus in the outer margin". This sinus is not visible in Fig. 1, but is shown in the figure accompanying Laseron's original description.

Fig. 1,2   HOLOTYPE Off Point Haliday, NSW, in 14-18 m (C.103626)

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