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Acteocina exserta (Hedley, 1903)

Description: Shell tall and slender, width 35% of height. Teleoconch of 4 whorls, spire tall, turreted; whorls convex, suture channelled. Surface sculptured with dense microscopic spiral grooves and irregular axial growth lines. Aperture elongate, narrow at top, widening out at bottom; columella with weak twisted fold; callus on parietal wall. Outer lip sharp, strongly convex in profile. Colour pale fawn.

Size: Holotype 6.5 mm in length.

Distribution: Known only from the holotype, from 2-4 miles (3.2-6.4 km) off Manning River, NSW, in 22 fathoms (41 m).

Habitat: Holotype taken in 41 m.

Comparison: This species is more elongate than Acteocina apicina and has the outer lip strongly convex in profile. It was take at 41 m depth, in contrast to the mainly intertidal habitat of A. apicina.

Fig. 1: 7303-1 2-4 miles (3.2-6.4 km) off Manning River, NSW, in 22 fathoms (41 m) C.16485 HOLOTYPE of Tornatina exserta Hedley, 1903. (Photo Australian Museum).


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