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Acteocina apicina (Gould, 1859)

Description: Shell variable in shape and proportions (Fig. 1), whorls turreted. Protoconch prominently elevated, coiled, axis inclined at about 70 to shell axis. Teleoconch with spire low or tall, whorls with straight or convex sides, suture deeply channelled. Surface smooth or with axial growth lines, sometimes strong. Aperture elongate, narrow at top, widening out at bottom; columella with twisted fold; callus on parietal wall, outer lip sharp. Colour white.

Size: Up to 8 mm in length.

Distribution: The Australian Museum holds specimens from Clarence River, NSW, southwards to Twofold Bay, NSW. In the literature the species is also recorded from Vic, Tas, and SA.

Habitat: Known from empty shells from beach washup, mainly in estuaries, and dredgings down to 20 m. Living specimens have been collected intertidally on tidal flats and in sediment associated with seagrass.

Synonymy: Synonyms recognised by Hedley (1913, p. 337) are Tornatina brenchleyi Angas, 1877; Tornatina fusiformis Angas, 1878; Utriculus avenarius Watson, 1883. Cotton & Godfrey (1933) also added Tornatina mariae Tenison-Woods, 1876. Tornatina hofmani Angas, 1877 is also this species (NEW SYNONYM); Angas' figure is a good match for the middle specimen in Fig. 1.

Remarks: The 3 specimens illustrated in Fig. 1 are from one lot of about 300 shells from Middle Harbour, NSW. There is continuous variation between the illustrated forms in the lot, precluding grouping into morphospecies.

Fig. 1:  All specimens Middle Harbour, Sydney NSW. Beach washup. (C.32602).


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