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Notocrater ponderi Marshall, 1986

Description: Shell light in weight, apex at posterior quarter. Protoconch sculpture unknown (surface etched on all available specimens). Teleoconch with anterior slope strongly convex, posterior slope shallowly concave or convex. Teleoconch at first sculptured with concentric threads, giving way to crisp granules aligned in reticulate pattern with reticulations forming curved radial and concentric lines. Shell colour white. Periostracum very thin, buff in colour.

Size: Up to 3.15 mm in length.

Distribution: Known only from five lots from central NSW; east of Sydney southwards to east of Ulladulla, NSW. The geographic range is no doubt wider.

Habitat: Live specimens found living on wood taken from 165-384 m. Rare in collections, but one piece of wood from east of Brush Island hosted 425 individuals.

Figs. 1,2: Off Sydney in 384 m (C.406710, Paratype)


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