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Family  Gadilinidae





The family Gadilinidae is classified within the order Dentaliida, and is distinct from the family Gadilidae in the order Gadilida. In Australia the only genus of Gadilinidae is Episiphon, with only two species in NSW. The shells of the family are variable in characters; the character that unites them into a single family is the structure of the radula.

Family reference: Lamprell, K.L. & Healy, J.M. 1998. A revision of the Scaphopoda from Australian waters (Mollusca). Records of the Australian Museum Supplement 24: 1189.

Coverage: Two species of this family occurs in NSW, both of which are detailed here.

Identification notes: The two species placed here have elongate, slender shells with the apex usually closed with a plug and a secondary pipe.


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