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Family  Entalinidae

Entalinid task shells




The Entalinidae is classified within the order Gadilida which, as mentioned above, has a markedly different structure to the foot when compared to the order Dentaliida. However, in overall appearance, the shells of the Entalinidae are similar in shape to those of the Dentaliidae, or sometimes more curved, but the shells are not circular in cross section.

Family reference: Lamprell, K.L. & Healy, J.M. 1998. A revision of the Scaphopoda from Australian waters (Mollusca) Records of the Australian Museum Supplement 24: 1189.

Coverage: All the NSW species placed in Entalinidae are detailed here.

Identification notes: In this family the shells are not circular in cross section, and in Rhomboxiphis the apex is cut away.


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