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Polyschides sutherlandi Lamprell & Healy, 1998

Description: Shape long and narrow for genus, uniformly curved. Weight light. Aperture diameter 2.8 mm. Apex three-lobed (Fig. 1b); diameter 1.4 mm. Sculpture absent. Transverse sculpture absent. Aperture slightly compressed. Colour transparent when fresh, becoming opaque white with age.

Size: Up to 20 mm in length.

Distribution: Global distribution unknown. In Australia, from north of Cape York, Qld, southwards to central NSW.

Habitat: Dredged in sand and mud from 243 to 1764 m (Lamprell & Healy, 1998). Uncommon.

Remarks: In Lamprell & Healy (1998) there is an error in the figure showing this species (pers obs). In Fig. 175, components E and F have been interchanged; thus Fig. 175E is actually P. sutherlandi and Fig. 175F is actually P. andersoni.

Fig. 1: East of North West Island, Qld, in 320 m (C.173901) a. Lateral view b. Detail of apex.


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