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Family  Gadilidae





This family is contained within the order Gadilida and exhibits the anatomical and radula characters of the order. The shells show a shape that is different to most of the Scaphopoda, having the greatest shell diameter not at the aperture, but towards the mid-length. The shell surface is smooth and polished.

Family reference: Lamprell, K.L. & Healy, J.M. 1998. A revision of the Scaphopoda from Australian waters (Mollusca) Records of the Australian Museum Supplement 24: 1189.

Coverage: All the NSW species of the family are detailed here.

Identification notes: All the species of the family have the greatest shell width before the aperture. This is markedly so in Cadulus, but less obvious in Gadila. In Polyschides the apex has a complex shape, which is, or course, only seen in unbroken specimens.


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