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Gadila spreta (Tate & May, 1900)

Description: Shape weakly curved, anterior half of shell only slowly expanding; aperture slightly contracted. Weight light. Aperture diameter 1.0 mm. Apex diameter 0.3 mm. Sculpture longitudinal sculpture absent. Transverse sculpture faint growth lines. Aperture circular. Colour transparent when fresh, becoming opaque white with age.

Size: Up to 6 mm in length.

Distribution: Global distribution unknown. Assumed to be endemic to Australia with a distribution from southern Qld, southwards and around southern Australia, to eastern Great Australian Bight including Tas.

Habitat: Sieved from littoral sand and dredged from 9 to 1770 m (Lamprell & Healy, 1998); occasionally in beach wash-up. Common.

Fig. 1: North of Coffs Harbour, NSW, in 71 m (C.173776).


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