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Phyllocoma speciosa (Angas, 1871)

Description: A small shell with rounded whorls, with 5 to 8 high, straight varices on the body whorl; strong spiral sculpture of about 8 to 15 major ribs with 1 to 3 small ribs between. Outer lip very finely toothed, columella smooth. Color white or fawn, with a brown periostracum when alive; operculum  corneous.

Size: Up to 20 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Lindeman Is, Qld to Twofold Bay, NSW.

Comparison: A similar shell, Phyllocoma eburnea (Petterd, 1884), occurs in Victoria and South Australia. It has fewer varices on the body whorl, but is very closely related. Ponder (1972a) regards it as a subspecies of P. speciosa, but notes that intermediates exist.

Fig. 1,2: Woolgoolga, NSW (C.163436)


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