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Maculotriton serriale (Deshayes in Laborde & Linant, 1834)

Description: Shell solid and heavy, sculptured with low axial folds, about 12 on the body whorl, with a varix on outer lip, and sometimes another on the body whorl. Axial folds crossed by spiral ribs which form elongate nodules on the axials. Aperture with short anterior canal and posterior notch; columella and inner lip smooth. Outer lip with 5-7 lirations internally and nodules beside the anterior canal and posterior notch. Colour yellow or white with some of the spiral rows of nodules black or brown.

Size: Up to 17 mm in length.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific, as far south as Sydney.

Habitat: Under stones on rocky shores, intertidally. Moderately common.

Synonyms: This species has been known as Maculotriton bracteatus (Hinds, 1844), but Cernohorsky (1982) shows that to be a synonym of M. serriale. Clathurella waterhouseae Brazier, 1896 is another synonym.

Fig. 1,2: Wooli, NSW (C.070960)

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