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Family  Cylichnidae

Cylichnid bubble shells




The shells of all species of this family are shaped like little barrels with a more or less constricted centre. The spire is always short and depressed and sunken into the umbilicus (involute). This shape plus the aperture which is as long as the shell yields the common name of canoe shells. In contrast to the somewhat similar shaped Acteocinidae, cylichnids have 3 gizzard plates. The radula has at least one large, sickle-shaped, denticulate lateral tooth each side of the midline.

Additional species

Cylichna tenuis Hedley, 1905. Known only from the holotype, from 12.5 miles east of Cape Byron, in 111 fathoms (20 km east of Cape Byron in 202 m). Length 2.45 mm.


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