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Family  Acteocinidae

Acteocinid bubble shells




The Acteocinidae, based on the genus Acteocina, has traditionally been placed in Cylichnidae, but Oscars, Bouchet & Malaquias (2015) placed it in its own family Acteocinidae (not to be confused with Acteonidae despite the similarity of their names). The family is differentiated from Cylichnidae by having heavily calcified gizzard plates whereas in Cylichna they are corneous. Traditionally the genus Tornatina has been used in Australian literature instead of Acteocina. Shells of adult acteocinids are 2-8 mm long, white and smooth, or sometimes with fine axial lines. The shells have a moderate spire with a projecting, conspicuous heterostrophic protoconch in contrast to the cylindrical shells with sunken spire of Cylichnidae.

Family reference

There is no consolidated reference to the family.


As far as is known, all the NSW species are treated here.

Identification Notes

Shells are elongate with a moderately high spire and a projecting, conspicuous heterostrophic protoconch.


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