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Spirolaxis rotulacatharinea (Melvill & Standen, 1903)

Description: Shell minute, planar, sometimes uncoiled. Dorsal surface of whorls rounded, smooth apart from irregular radial growth lines, edged with strong beaded cord. Periphery wide, flat, smooth apart from weak growth lines, with upper and lower peripheral cord at top and bottom respectively. Ventral surface of whorls same as dorsal surface. Aperture completely circular. Colour creamish white.

Size: Up to 4 mm in diameter.

Distribution: Indian Ocean and western to central Pacific Ocean. In eastern Australia, as far south as Sydney, NSW.

Habitat: The Australian Museum collection holds only 4 Australian specimens: Off Lady Musgrave Is., Qld, in 357 m; Off Narrabeen, NSW, in 146 m; ; off Sydney, in 393 m; off Broome, WA, in 115 m. Rare in NSW.

Synonymy: A previously recognised synonym is Pseudomalaxis thetidis Garrard, 1977.

Figs. 14: Off Sydney, NSW, in 393 m (C.368483).


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