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Xenophora solarioides (Reeve, 1845)

Description: Shell of small size and moderate elevation for family; whorls convex. Whorl surface very rough, with coarse shells and rock fragments attached to all whorls, covering almost the whole surface. Base almost flat, with a narrow peripheral flange; base sometimes sculptured with about 8 spiral threads crossed by curved radial ribs. Umbilicus open, deep. Colour fawn, columellar and lip callus white. Operculum corneous.

Size: Up to 20 mm high, 32 mm wide (shell only, excluding attachments).

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific; in eastern Australia, as far south as Bateman Bay, NSW.

Habitat: Subtidal, 1-170 m. Uncommon in NSW.

Comparison: See X. peroniana.

Synonymy: Xenophora australis Souverbie & Montrouzier, 1870

Remarks: This species attaches bivalves and pebbles, rarely gastropods, that cover nearly the whole surface.

Figs. 1,2,3: 4053-1 4051-1 4052-1 East of Port Hacking, NSW, in 146 m (C.372638)


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