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Volutoconus grossi (Iredale, 1927)

Description: Shell with bluntly rounded apex with small sharp protoconch. Early whorls usually smooth, occasionally axially ribbed; later whorls smooth apart from fine axial growth lines. Columella with four strong plaits, with a callus above on mature shells. Outer lip simple, constricted centrally in mature shells; Colour salmon or reddish-brown with white tent-shaped markings; four spiral bands of indistinct red-brown patches on body whorl - below suture, below shoulder, midbody and at base.

Size: Adults 60-187 mm in length; NSW specimens 65-87 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Townsville, and Swain Reefs, Queensland, to Laurieton, NSW.

Habitat: Known from 36-216 m; NSW specimens 55-132 m. Uncommon.

Remarks: This species occurs as a number of distinct forms in restricted localities, as described by Poppe & Goto (1992). The NSW shells are of the typical form, ranging from Keppel Bay, Queensland, to Laurieton, NSW.

A photo of a living animal is given by Wilson & Gillett (1971, p. 135).

Fig. 1 12 miles off Port Macquarie, NSW (C.304208)


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