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Nannamoria amicula Iredale, 1929

Description: Shell solid, smooth and glossy. Upper spire whorls axially ribbed with low, oblique, narrow ribs. Later whorls with low, rounded nodules on the shoulder; about 12 on penultimate whorl and 6-8 on body whorl. Aperture narrow; columella straight, with 4-6 plaits at the anterior end. Outer lip smooth, thickened internally at the middle. Background colour cream or fawn, patterned with wavy, thin, dark brown lines; a spiral row of chestnut blotches on the body whorl.

Size: Adults 20-31 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to NSW; Tuncurry, NSW to Disaster Bay, NSW.

Habitat: Recorded from 66-140 metres. Rare.

 Fig. 1 10 km east of Long Bay, Sydney, in 86 m (C.161670).

 Fig. 2  Off North Head, Sydney, in 82 m (Photo Australian Museum)


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