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Livonia roadnightae (McCoy, 1881)

Description: Shell solid and heavy, protoconch about 14 mm diameter. Whorls rounded, with strong axial ribs on spire whorls, becoming obsolete on body whorl; spiral ribs above shoulder. Columella with three strong plaits. Outer lip smooth, flared outwards. Background colour cream or light brown, decorated with zigzag axial brown lines.

Size: Adults 110-225 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Crowdy Head, NSW, to Rottnest Is., WA.

Habitat: Known from 18-366 metres. Rare in NSW, uncommon in southern Australia.

Remarks: What appears to be a hybrid between L. roadnightae and L. mammilla was described as L. quisqualis Iredale, 1957. This is figured under L. mammilla.

Fig. 1  Off Cape Nelson, Portland, Victoria, in 200 fathoms (366 m) (DLB3525)


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