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Amoria maculata (Swainson, 1822))

Description: Shell smooth, glossy, spire whorls straight sided, body whorl smoothly rounded, without shoulder. Columella with four thin but strong plaits. Outer lip smooth, not thickened. Background colour white, cream, fawn to salmon, occasionally unpatterned, but usually with four spiral bands of rectangular or irregular brown patches.

Size: Up to 105 mm in length (Poppe & Goto, 1992), typically 60-80 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; northern Queensland to Woolgoolga, NSW.

Habitat: Lives in sand in the low intertidal, and commonly trawled down to about 50 metres; known as dead shells down to 296 metres. Common in Queensland, rare in NSW.

Remarks: A photo of a living animal is given by Wilson & Gillett (1971, 130).

Fig. 1  Off Bustard Heads, Queensland, in 10 fathoms (18 m) (DLB1953)


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