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Typhis phillipensis Watson, 1883

Description: Whorls angled, with four varices per whorl, each with four or five short points and a backward pointing spine on the shoulder. Siphonal tubes on the shoulder, midway between the varices, with a nodule below. Spiral sculpture consists of five faint ribs associated with the varical points. Aperture almost circular, with both inner and outer lip projecting past the last varix. Anterior canal closed. Colour white or fawn, operculum corneous.

Size: Up to 22 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Moreton Bay, Qld, to Lakes Entrance, Vic.

Habitat: Known from 20-200 metres; uncommon.

Comparison: Typhis yatesi (Crosse & Fischer, 1865), which occurs in Victoria and South Australia, is similar, but has frilled varices, lacking the spines of Typhis phillipensis.

Synonyms: Typhis philippensis interpres Iredale, 1924

Remarks: The name of this species has been spelt incorrectly as T. philippensis in most literature, with an incorrect date of 1886.

Fig. 1: Off Eden, NSW, in 101 m (C.354171)

Update History: Name corrected from Typhis philippensis Watson, 1886 to Typhis phillipensis Watson, 1883

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