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Xenuroturris incredula (Iredale, 1931)

Description: Shell sculptured with plain spiral ribs, alternating large and small, not nodulose; 10-12 on penultimate whorl. Axial sculpture absent. Columella smooth, outer lip broken. Colour rich reddish brown.

Size: 60 mm.

Distribution: Type locality: Port Jackson, NSW, dredged.

Remarks: This species is known only from one dead shell, dredged from Sydney Harbour by the dredge "Triton" in the 1920's. It is probably a fossil, as the "Triton" dredged far below the harbour bed. Wilson (1994, p. 196) considers this to be a specimen of Xenoroturris cingulifera (Lamarck, 1822).

Fig. 1:  HOLOTYPE Port Jackson, NSW, dredged (C.057756)

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