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Euguraleus tasmanicus (Tenison-Woods, 1876)

Description: Whorls shouldered, concave above, sculptured with axial ribs from shoulder to lower suture on spire whorls, fading out on lower third of body whorl; about 15-20 on penultimate whorl. Entire surface of spire and body whorl spirally sculptured; fine and close packed above shoulder, wider and flatter below. Columella smooth, outer lip thin, with broad, shallow sinus with apex midway between shoulder and suture. Colour uniformly white or cream.

Size: Up to 18 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Ballina, NSW, to SA and Tasmania.

Habitat: Taken down to 15 m, but most specimens are beach shells. Moderately uncommon.

Comparison: Resembles Mitraguraleus mitralis, but longer and more slender, with axial ribs not extending above the shoulder, and lacking the brown band of that species.

Fig. 1:   Sow and Pig Reef, Sydney Harbour, NSW (C.373156)

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