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Asperdaphne versivestita (Hedley, 1912)

Description: Aperture about one-third total shell length. Early whorls shouldered, later whorls rounded. Whorls sculptured with axial ribs, strong on early whorls but fading out on later whorls and body whorl; about 10 per whorl. Secondary axial riblets developing between primary axials on latter spire whorls, becoming stronger on penultimate and body whorl. Spiral sculpture of fine threads over whole surface, forming beads at intersection with axials. Columella straight, spiral sculpture showing through light glaze; outer lip thin, with rounded, shallow sinus at suture. Colour uniformly white.

Size: Up to 25 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; known only from Woolgoolga to Gerringong, NSW.

Habitat: Known from down to 82 m, but most specimens are beach shells. Very uncommon.

Comparison: See A. brenchleyi.

Fig. 1: PARATYPE Botany Heads, NSW (C.103597)

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