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Bolma aureola (Hedley, 1907)

Description: Shell large,  width about equal to height, with rounded whorls and a row of open-fronted downward directed spines on periphery. Nodules or axial plaits below suture, and oblique, scabrous ribs at centre of each whorl. Base with about 10 scabrous, spiral ribs. Umbilicus closed, columella smooth; columella callous extending onto base as orange glaze. Colour orange-brown, with a darker band immediately below suture; columella white, interior nacreous. Operculum calcareous, orange and white externally, with concentric ridge and central depression.

Size: Up to 95 mm in height.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Swain Reefs, Queensland, to Brunswick Heads, NSW.

Habitat: Known from 50-84 m. Uncommon.

Fig. 1,2:  Off Heron Is., Queensland (C.072690)


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