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Columbarium pagodoides (Watson, 1882)

Description: Whorls with upturned peripheral keel with an irregular edge. Spire whorls smooth above and below keel except for growth marks. Body whorl with a single strong rib below the periphery. Anterior canal bears strong spinose ribs for about three quarters of its length. Aperture tear-drop shaped, inner lip produced beyond the columella. Anterior canal long, twisted, nearly closed, Colour cream or fawn. Operculum corneous, tear-drop shaped.

Size: Length up to 76 mm.

Distribution: Known from Gold Coast, Qld, to Batemans Bay, NSW, plus several specimens from between Tully and Cairns, Qld, and two from the northern Arafura Sea (Darragh, 1987).

Habitat: Taken in 250-969 m, but more common deeper than 400 m. Moderately common.

Comparison: See Columbarium hedleyi.

Figs. 1,2: Off Terrigal, NSW, in 250-270 fathoms (DLB2928)



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