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Litozamia petterdi (Crosse, 1870)

Description: Shell fusiform, protoconch of two smooth whorls; spire more than half total shell length. Sculptured with strong, rounded varices, 8-11 per whorl. Spiral ribs narrow but strong, restricted to the interspaces between axials, producing a fenestrate surface, and weak nodules on the axials; 2 or 3 spirals on spire whorls, about eight on body whorl and base.. Outer lip smooth or weakly denticulate within; columella lip smooth. Anterior canal moderately long, recurved. Colour white, fawn or brown.

Size: Length up to 9 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Sydney, NSW to SA including Tas.

Habitat: Intertidal to 183 m. Uncommon in NSW, moderately common in southern Australia.

Comparison: In this species the spiral sculpture consists of narrow, crisp ribs almost entirely restricted to the interspaces between the axials, forming a fenestrate surface. In L. rudolphi the spirals are more diffuse and cross the axials. L. brazieri has no spiral sculpture.

Remarks: Some Tasmanian specimens have densely scabrous spiral ribs and are dark brown in colour.

Figs. 1,2,3: Middle Harbour, Sydney, NSW (C.11442)


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