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Gemixystus laminatus (Petterd, 1884)


Description: Shell broadly fusiform, protoconch of two smooth whorls; spire half total shell length. Sculptured with laminate and crenulate varices, 10-20 on the body whorl; spiral sculpture of broad, rounded ribs, 2-3 on spire whorls, 4-6 on body whorl and two on anterior canal, often obscured by varices. Outer lip thickened and expanded, 4-5 strong denticles internally. Columella lip smooth. Anterior canal long, recurved. Colour white or fawn.

Size: Up to 7 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Cape Moreton, Qld, to Tas and SA.

Habitat: Known from 16-550 m. Common.

Remarks: Wilson (1993, p. 51) describes this species as having a flat-topped protoconch, but this is not generally so. The canal is quite long in some shells, Wilson's description of moderately short apparently being based on broken specimens.

Figs. 1,2: 5-8 miles off Port Kembla, NSW, in 115-137 m (C.16420)


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