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Herpetopoma scabriuscula (Angas, 1867)

Description: Whorls rounded, suture impressed; sculptured with strongly beaded spiral ribs, 3-5 on penultimate whorl and 9-13 on body whorl; beads joined by oblique axial lamellae. Inner margin of outer lip thickened, with about 12 teeth; aperture strongly lirate. Columella smooth on upper three-quarters; two strong teeth at base, separated by deep groove. Umbilicus open, partly covered by columellar callus. Colour fawn, umbilicus white. Interior nacreous.

Size: Up to 5 mm high.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Port Stephens, NSW, to Spencer Gulf, SA.

Habitat: Low tide level down to 300 m. Uncommon.

Comparison: This is like a miniature version of Herpetopoma aspersa, but readily separated by the open umbilicus.

Figs. 1,2: Twofold Bay, NSW (C.326831)


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