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Botelloides bassianus (Hedley, 1911)

Description: Shell solid, pupiform; protoconch 1.5 whorls, teleoconch 3.4-4.7 whorls. Whorls weakly rounded, sculptured with numerous spiral riblets, 18-30 on penultimate whorl. Aperture without an anterior notch, almost circular. Outer lip thin and sharp, much thickened within. Umbilicus closed, or rarely open as a thin slit. Exterior colour white or pale yellowish-brown; interior white with brown or purple-brown surface layer.

Size: Up to 6.2 mm high.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Hallidays Point, NSW, to Great Australian Bight.

Habitat: Known from 36-274 m. Common.

Remarks: The genus Botelloides has been reviewed by Ponder (1985).

Figs. 1,2: twofold Bay, NSW 9C.421864)


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