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Leiopyrga octona Tate, 1891

Description: Whorls straight sided or slightly rounded. Whole surface sculptured with strong, equally spaced, smooth spiral ribs, 7-8 on penultimate whorl. Columella smooth, outer lip thin and smooth. Umbilicus almost but not completely closed by reflected columellar callus. Colour white with irregular, broad, interrupted reddish-brown axial strreaks, sometimes faint or absent. Interior nacreous.

Size: Up to 11.5 mm high.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Twofold Bay, NSW, to Geraldton, WA.

Habitat: Subtidal, down to 55 m. Rare in NSW, uncommon in southern Australia.

Remarks: Specimens from NSW were described as Leiopyrga octona problematica Iredale, 1924. Although there are only a few specimens from NSW available for study, the range appears to be continuous from NSW to south-western WA, so the subspecific designation is unnecessary.

Figs. 1,2: Garden Is., south of Perth, WA (C.375324)