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Leiopyrga lineolaris (Gould, 1861)

Description: Whorls smooth and shining, rounded (Fig. 1), or sharply angled with a smooth keel at bottom quarter (Fig. 2). Body whorl microscopically spirally striate below the periphery. Columella smooth, outer lip thin and smooth. Umbilicus almost but not completely closed by columellar callus. Colour white, with reddish-brown axial wavy lines or zigzags of variable width and spacing.

Size: Up to 12 mm high.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Yamba, NSW, southwards to Gabo Is, Victoria.

Habitat: Shallow subtidal, down to about 40 m.  Common in beach washup.

Comparison: Distinguished from Bankivia fasciata by the rounded or angled whorls and the partly open umbilicus. The reddish-brown colour pattern is fairly constant, in contrast to the variable colours of B. fasciata. Specimens that are angled and keeled at bottom of whorls may resemble L. cingulata, but the latter species always has a keel at the top of the whorls as well as at the bottom.

Fig. 1: Palm Beach, NSW (C.350505)

Fig. 2: Green Point, Angourie, NSW (DLB5255)

Update history: Fig. 1 replaced May 2008. Fig. 2 replaced August 2009