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Eurytrochus strangei (Adams, 1853)

Description: Shell with rounded whorls, bearing polished spiral ribs, 3 or 4 on the spire whorls, 4-6 on the body whorl above the periphery, with intermediate ribs on larger specimens; microscopic, oblique lamellae between the ribs. Basal margin rounded, about 7 narrow spiral ribs on the base. Interior of aperture with external sculpture showing through. Inner margin of outer lip thickened. Base of columella and inside of outer lip denticulate in mature shells. Umbilicus open. Coloration black, brown, pink or green, marbled with white; interior nacreous, bottom of columella usually green.

Size: Up to 9 mm high, 10 mm wide.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; southern Qld, to eastern Victoria.

Habitat: Under stones on exposed and semi-exposed rocky shores at mid to low tide level. Abundant.

Comparison: See Clanculus plebejus.

Figs. 1,2: Blue Lagoon Beach, south of The Entrance, NSW (C.349631)