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Nototriphora unicarinata B.A. Marshall, 1983

Description: Shell relatively small, sinistral. Protoconch large,  lecithotrophic, of about 2 whorls with a strong smooth spiral cord and sparse, irregular axial riblets. Teleoconch whorls with 4 beaded spiral cords and axial costae; spirals 1 and 3 start immediately after protoconch, spiral 2 on 4th teleoconch whorl; spiral 4 weak, slightly exposed on all whorls. Another 2 spirals on base, smooth. Axial costae number 22 on penultimate whorl. Outer lip of aperture broken in holotype. anterior siphonal canal short. Colour uniform yellowish brown.

Size: Holotype 4.15 mm in length.

Distribution: Known only from holotype from 22 miles (35.3 km) east of Narrabeen, NSW, in 146 m.

Figs. 1: 22  miles (35.3 km) east of Narrabeen, NSW (C.130015 HOLOTYPE). SEM Image Australian Museum


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