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Hedleytriphora elata (Thiele, 1930)

Description: Shell relatively small, sinistral. Protoconch plankotrophic, of 4-5 whorls, smooth centrally with axial riblets in an upper and a lower band. Teleoconch whorls with 4 beaded spiral cords and axial costae.; spirals 1, 3 and 4 commence immediately after protoconch, spiral 2 commences on 5th or 6th teleoconch whorl. Spiral 4 weak, slightly exposed on all whorls, fully exposed on last whorl. Another 2 spirals on base (numbered 5 and 6), smooth (Poorly developed on specimen in Fig. 2). Axial costae of similar strength to spirals, nodulose at intersections, 17-22 on penultimate whorl.. Outer lip of aperture flared (broken in Fig. 2), anterior siphonal canal short and slightly upturned.  Colour yellowish to dark brown, darker between nodules on spirals 1 and 3, nodules paler (Figured specimen faded).

Size: Adult shells 3.6 - 6.1 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Coffs Harbour, NSW, southwards and around southern Australia to Shark Bay, WA.

Habitat: Most specimens are from beach washup, but there are a few subtidal specimens down to 61 m. Only three specimens are known from NSW.

Comparison: This species is almost straight-sided, and is very slender and elongate.

Figs. 1, 2:  Middle, Harbor, Sydney, NSW (C.032589). Colour faded, aperture broken.


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