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Vitrinella starkeyae (Hedley, 1899)

Description: Shell minute, wider than high, low spired. Early whorls rounded, suture grooved; last whorl with broad, shallow groove below suture, smoothly rounded on periphery. Whole surface smooth apart from dense, fine, axial growth lines. Aperture sub-circular with thin inner and outer lips. Umbilicus widely open, with spiral flange descending into it (Fig. 4). Shell colourless transparent.

Size: Up to 3.7 mm in width.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia. Known only from three lots: Sydney Harbour and off Port Stephens, NSW.

Habitat: Sydney Harbour specimens are from beach washup. Rare.

Comparison: This species is distinguished by the flange descending into the umbilicus.

Fig. 1,2,3: Rose Bay, Port Jackson, NSW (C.360547)

Fig. 4: Detail of flange in umbilicus (C.457166) SEM image Sue Lindsay, Australian Museum


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