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Pseudoliotia speciosa (Angas, 1871)

Description: Shell low spired, moderately thick shelled. Early whorls sharply angled, concave above shoulder, with transverse ribs on shoulder. Last whorl with shoulder becoming rounded towards aperture, with reticulate sculpture of five spiral cords crossed by axial folds, and moderately strong nodules at intersections. Aperture circular, thickened internally, interior barely iridescent. Umbilicus widely open, with 4-6 threads within. Colour white or fawn eroding to drab white, covered by mid-brown periostracum when alive.

Size: Up to 2.5 mm in width.

Distribution: Known from Darwin, NT, Gulf of Carpentaria, and throughout Queensland southwards to Ulladulla NSW.

Habitat: Lives on seagrass and other substrates and under rocks and debris in sheltered bays and estuaries in the lower littoral and shallow sub-littoral zones. Common.

Comparison: This species is consistently smaller than P. micans ( Up to 2.5 mm width compared to 3.5 mm width), has a thinner shell, finer sculpture and denser axial ribs. There are spiral threads within the umbilicus which are not present in P. micans.

Synonymy: Pseudoliotia liliputia Laseron, 1958 is a synonym based on a specimen from Darwin.

Fig. 1, 2, 3: Middle Harbour, Sydney, NSW (C.32551)


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