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Ponderinella lignicola Marshall, 1988

Description: Shell minute, wider than high. Protoconch of 1.3 convex whorls, ending with a low varix. Teleoconch of up to 1.5 evenly convex whorls, glossy and smooth, apart from axial growth lines. Base rounded at first, developing a central angulation towards aperture. Umbilicus narrowly open. Aperture with thin inner and outer lips.

Size: Up to 0.9 mm high, 1.18 mm wide.

Distribution: Known only from four specimens, from east of Brush Island, NSW.

Habitat: Taken alive on wood at 384 m depth.

Comparison: The shell of this species is very similar to Xyloskenea grahami in the Skeneidae, but differs in protoconch and radula characters.

Fig. 1: Holotype. East of Brush Island, NSW, in 384 m. (C.152559). SEM photos Sue Lindsay, Australian Museum


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