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Eudolium bairdii (Verrill & E.A.Smith, 1881)

Description: Shell light in weight, ornamented with about 18 spiral ribs with a smaller rib between each. Major ribs on the posterior part of the body whorl with or without weak to strong beads. Varix on outer lip; lip finely toothed within. Columella callus thin, with underlying ribbing showing through; umbilicus closed. Colour white with major spiral ribs yellowish to reddish brown.

Size: Up to 76 mm in length.

Distribution: Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indo-West Pacific Oceans; in Australia, known only from Port Stephens to Ulladulla, NSW, at depths of 412-1829 metres. Rare.

Synonym: Shells from the Indo-West Pacific have been called Eudolium lineata (Schepman, 1909).

Figs. 1,2: Off Wollongong, NSW, in 500 m (C.301349)


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