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Terebra russetae (Garrard, 1976)

Description: Description of holotype, a dead, worn specimen: shell straight sided, apex missing. Subsutural groove a narrow band with oblique axial growth lines. Subsutural band with prominent, widely spaced nodules, 18 on last whorl, with microscopic spiral threads between. A second larger row of nodules below subsutural band, and fine spiral threads below these. Fasciolar band well defined; anterior of shell broken. Outer lip broken. Colour uniform golden-brown.

Size: Length 29.1 mm

Distribution: Known only from the holotype; 8 km east of Port Jackson, NSW, in 220 m

Comparison: This shell is similar to T. mariesi Smith, 1880, a Japanese species, but in that species the row of nodules on the subsutural band is larger than those below.

Fig. 1: HOLOTYPE 8 km east of Port Jackson, NSW, in 220 m (C.102587)


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