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Terebra jacksoniana (Garrard, 1976)

Description: Shell of about 10 adult whorls; whorls convex below a constricted subsutural band occupying the top third of whorls. Subsutural band sculptured with large, blunt nodules, about 10 on penultimate whorl, sometimes obsolete. Remainder of whorl below subsutural band bears elongate nodules or short ribs, offset from nodules above, often fading out before reaching lower suture. Spiral sculpture absent. Fasciolar band well defined, outer lip thin and simple. Coloured with dark brown between nodules on subsutural band, yellow-brown between ribs on most whorls, base of body whorl brown.

Size: Up to 16 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Ballina, NSW, to south-eastern SA.

Habitat: Subtidal to 25 m. Most specimens taken as beach shells. Uncommon.

Comparison: In the original description, this species was distinguished "by the few large, coarse nodules below the suture". However, these are often obsolete, as shown in the figure of the holotype given here! This species may only be a strongly sculptured variant of Terebra tristis.

Synonyny: This species was incorrectly identified by Hedley (1900) as Terebra fictilis Hinds, 1844.

Fig. 1: HOLOTYPE Sydney Harbour (C.008097)

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