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Duplicaria ustulata (Deshayes, 1857)

Description: Shell with slightly convex whorls, with a deep subsutural groove. Strong axial ribs above and below subsutural groove, about 20-25 on penultimate whorl; ribs above subsutural groove offset to align with interspaces of the ribs below; ribs fading out at base. Spiral sculpture of microscopic, irregular grooves that cross axial ribs. Fasciolar band well defined; siphonal notch moderately deep. Outer lip thin and simple. Colour fawn or beige, often with base of body whorl tan.

Size: Up to 37 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Forster, NSW, to south-eastern SA, including Tasmania.

Habitat: Subtidal to 150 m. Occasionally taken as a beach shell. Very uncommon.

Comparison: T. assescla is the closest to this species; it differs by having a broad, shallow groove around the centre of whorls.

 Fig. 1  Disaster Bay, NSW, in 18 m (C.361129)

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